Nati Bichler

Nati Bichler

Co Founder, K Verse

My journey started way back when I was just 13 years old, getting my first taste of computer programming. Just two years later, I launched my first digital venture – a chatroom platform (called mIRC) where I made my first earnings selling admin powers to users.


Since then, I’ve been a part of building several companies in the digital space. One of them was sold to ZAP back in 2017 (It’s still running, I just checked).


In 2006, I co-founded K Verse – our digital marketing powerhouse.  We merge cutting edge technologies with leading talents to build, grow and transform impactful business.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with local and global giants such as Isracard, HOT, IDI group and more locally, and digital-native businesses like Playtika, Outbrain and NICE and many others on a global scale.


For service provider in our space where things move so fast, it’s crucial to staying ahead of the digital curve. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate the trends that will shape the future of the digital landscape. By partnering with giants like Google, Meta, Hubspot and more, we navigate our clients through these forthcoming never-ending shifts, ensuring they’re well positioned and ahead of their competitors.


I’m a big fan of personal growth, even when it dips into the spiritual side of things.
I enjoy traveling and excited to meet passionate people and different minds

K Verse

K Logic is a group of agencies based in Tel Aviv, specializing in digital marketing. We combine data, media, and creativity to help businesses grow. Our services range from smart media campaigns and eCommerce solutions to SEO and marketing strategies, even extending to full business strategies. We value data and measurement as the foundation of our work, enhancing it with strong advertising capabilities to achieve impactful results

We are passionate about seeing our clients grow, whether they are traditional businesses needing digital guidance or digital-native companies aiming to reach new heights. Our team is dedicated to innovation and excellence in all our digital marketing efforts

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