Avi Staiman

Avi Staiman is the founder and CEO of Academic Language Experts, a company dedicated to assisting academic scholars to prepare their research for publication and bring it to the world. He also is the co-host of the New Books Network ‘Scholarly Communication’ Podcast. Avi has been a guest lecturer at NYU’s Master’s Program in Translation & Interpreting, The University of Tokyo, and Bar Ilan University.

Academic Language Experts LTD.

Academic Language Experts is the world’s leading academic translation and editing company helping senior scholars around the world publish their research with respected academic journals and publishers. We can help you translate, edit and format your research for publication in the academic forum of your choice. Our expert staff will prepare your article, book, abstract, lecture or research proposal to meet the highest academic standards. We work with all major languages (including English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and more) and ensure that your research is publication-ready.
Your project will be completed by an expert in your field and then revised by one of our managing editors to ensure that it is ready for publication. You can request to see a few samples before getting started so you can choose the language expert that best understands and conveys your research. Our large team of over 2,000 language experts ensures that we have the perfect subject expert for your project while our personal approach makes sure that you always have someone to consult and discuss your research with.

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