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Eran Hefetz (Right) and Nir Zavaro at one of many Israeli chapter events
Eran Hefetz (Right) and Nir Zavaro at one of many Israeli chapter events

Entrepreneurs’ Organization – EO for short – was founded in 1987 to enable entrepreneurs to grow and learn from one another so they can enjoy more professional and personal success. Created and run by entrepreneurs, today we have over 180 chapters in 58 countries, each operated by entrepreneur volunteers according to our organizational guidelines.

EO Israel is made up of “serial entrepreneurs”; some have had multiple exits valued at tens of millions of dollars. Members share professional knowledge, concerns and confide in each other. Each adds their talents and connections to the community, and together, they energize each others’ ventures and keep Israeli entrepreneurship thriving.

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Board Members

The board chairs are regular chapter members who volunteered to run the chapter, in order to bring it and its members to success. Board membership is the first step in the “Path of Leadership” EO program, and board members can continue to other roles in EO worldwide, giving them wide exposure to thousands of EO members around the world.

Chapter Manager

Please meet…

Roy Keisari

CEO & Co. Founder, Marketism LTD

Roy Keisari

A digital marketing leader and mentor, with a long and proven trackrecord in the digital and performance-based advertising field.

Roy is the CEO and co-founder of Marketism, online marketing agency based in Tel-Aviv.
Roy characterize, build and integrate marketing and sales strategies in the marketing departments of many leading organizations in Israel. Using advanced data-based marketing systems, Roy oversees clients’ journey toward digitization, automation and rearrangement of the marketing, sales and services departments. Roy places a strong emphasis on content marketing and focus on creating an excellent story for clients.

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