Ami Kassar

Ami Kassar

CEO/Founder, MultiFunding

Ami Kassar, founder and CEO of MultiFunding and author of The Growth Dilemma, has earned a national reputation as a thought leader in business finance.  An in-demand speaker and trusted advisor to growth-focused business leaders, Ami has helped thousands of business owners achieve ambitious growth goals through creative and personalized funding solutions. His work has helped create tens of thousands of jobs.

For more than 20 years, Ami has challenged executives to think differently about how they capitalize growth. Regularly featured in national media including The New York Times, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Fox Business News. He has advised the White House, the Federal Reserve Bank, Congress,  and the Treasury Department on credit markets. Ami regularly speaks at corporate, academic and industry events on topics including entrepreneurship and access to capital


Since 2010, MultiFunding has helped businesses achieve their biggest growth goals through creative and personalized funding solutions, including SBA loans and other funding options. Our team works with entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in ways they never thought possible. We leverage our relationships with hundreds of lenders across the country to find you the very best business loan available. Benefit from our team’s diverse experience and robust network to fund your next great idea, create wealth, build a legacy and make a measurable impact.

What’s preventing you from scaling your business? New equipment? Additional team members? Expansion into new markets? Whatever it is — we can help you get there. Our work is grounded in honesty and transparency. We will find the right solution for your unique circumstances and are genuinely invested in your success.

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