Shir Halpern

Shir Halpern

Founder & Owner, The Port's Market

Shir Halpern is an entrepreneur in Food and Agriculture. She is the founder and owner of Tel Aviv Farmers market which started in 2008 and was the first Farmers Market in Israel. Since then 5 more weekly farmers markets have launched all over Israel and in 2010 the first indoor market – The Port’s Market, opened in Hangar 12 at the Tel Aviv Port.

As a TEDx speaker She is also invited to speak in Israel and abroad both on farmers markets as a sustainable model and on food and innovation and how plate will look like in the future.

Shir holds a History from Tel Aviv University, a culinary degree from the Cordon Bleu in Paris, and an MBA from the IDC Herzelia specializing in sustainable development.

The Port's Market

Since the Fall of 2008, the Tel Aviv farmers market has become the home for Israeli finest farmers and producers. What began as a dream of brining a new culinary concept to Israel is now the first indoor farmers market in Israel.
The location of the Port’s Market in an ecological building that overlooks a stunning view of the Tel-Aviv Port, along with the collection of quality stores offering local and international products has made the Market a genuine gastronomic wonderland.

Ten years have passed since the Port’s Market opened its doors to foodies, becoming a real alternative to industrial food. The people behind the stores and booths at the Market are the culinary leaders in Israel, offering every day premium meat, fish and fresh seafood, boutique cheeses, aromatic olive oil, olives and spreads, fresh pasta, handmade sausages, spices, legumes, beers and wine from around the world, bread and pastries baked on site, premium ingredients and of course unique vegetables and fruit.

The farmers market celebrates Israeli agricultural produce, bringing to the forefront the best local, fresh, seasonal produce from all over Israel.

Business Verticals: Agriculture, Food, Real Estate