Shay Windman

Founder and owner of Windman Event Productions.

Shay thrives on taking his clients’ imagined dreams and creating a detailed reality of it. His biggest joy is working with people in their happiest and brightest hours. This leaves him with a smile plastered all over his face.

Shay loves and appreciates quality; a person of details and totality. Possessing a wide perception of design, I also have great human relations skills which stay sharp and pleasant even under pressure. Everything is possible, even when there’s no time.

Shay works with his clients all around the world and he enjoys creating new experiences, especially ones that inspires others to think out of the box.


WINDMAN is an event creation company based in Israel, specializing in custom made events, both for the private and corporate sectors.

From large-scale business conventions to personal intimate celebrations, WINDMAN has vast experience in producing and managing a wide range of events, each tailored to suit unique and specific requirements and wishes.

They believe in an A-Z production service and they keep the event creation process personal, customized and original. The WINDMAN team works very closely with their clients around the World, it analyzes and works hard to meet their needs. The people at WINDMAN share their passions, enthusiasm and bring it all into life, creating top-rated events. That is their greatest pride and endorsement; it is why they love what we do.

Business Verticals: Entertainment, Events, Design