Ran Geva

Ran is currently the Co-founder and CEO of Webhose.io. Ran has 20 years of experience in technology development and customer/server-related systems.

From 2004 to 2007, Ran developed sites and programs in different fields, including file sharing, security and system optimization. In 2007, with his partner Israel Tzadok, Ran established the start-up company Omgili, which developed a search engine, exclusive crawling technologies and qualitative information monitoring of social media.

Ran co-founded Buzzilla which develops software that helps brands track, monitor, analyze and extract insight from online content. Ran filled several senior positions in Buzzilla between the years 2011-2016, and still sits on the company’s board of directors.


Webhose is a leading data collection provider that delivers on-demand access to structured data in both the open, deep and dark web that anyone can consume.

In addition to crawling and indexing blogs, news articles and online discussions data for customers in the news, media monitoring and market research industries, Webhose collaborates with top national security, Dark Web and law enforcement agencies as well as organizations in the financial, health and consumer industries to extract and structure data in the dark web to help stop criminals and hackers in their tracks.

Business Verticals: Technology, Software