Ofra Ganor

Ofra Ganor

Owner, Manta Ray, Iceberg, Sh-Shi

Ofra Ganor has been active in the field of food and catering in Israel for years.

Owner of the Manta Ray restaurant, Iceberg ice cream parlor, Sh-Shi Asian street food.

Initiator of Taam Hair -The food market of the Hair Newspaper, Tel Aviv Municipality culinary consultant at TELAVIV EAT.

One of the founders of the Association of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars – until recently served as Co-Chair and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Association.

Was part of the group that established Ezrat Nashim, organizations that supports victims of sexual assault.

After studying economics and sociology at Tel Aviv University, she identified the broad aspects of the food field as a growing subject that requires cultural inputs beyond food itself.

Ofra Ganor’s attention is focused on the broad aspects of food business management, managing personnel in catering, directing the customer experience and the deep connections
between food and culture.

Ofra Ganor has many connections with the overseas catering industry.