Maya Elhalal

Maya Elhalal

Founder and Curator, Esh Media

Founder of ESH – Future Formats, is a curator and host of conferences on progress in medicine, specifically in health-span research and technologies. She is also the editor of the daily news site Longevity.Science. In 2015 Maya was featured in Forbes list of 50 Influential Women in Israel, and in The Next Web global list of recommended women speakers on science and technology.

Maya speaks about the acceleration of innovation in health, and its impact on entrepreneurship and longevity. She is the co-academic-director of ‘The Future of Health’ executive education program at the IDC Herzeliya, and formerly (2006-2010) she taught New-Media entrepreneurship at the IDC Global MBA and the Zell Entrepreneurship programs.

Maya was the first Israeli Woman to study at Singularity University (EP2012, EP2016, Exponential MED 2017), she is a graduate of the 1st Zell Entrepreneurship Program and cum laude graduate of the IDC Computer Science program (1999-2002).

Previously Maya was the co-founder of several internet ventures, she kickstarted the TEDx movement in Israel in 2010, organized and hosted 4 TEDx events in Tel Aviv and New York, hosted TED MED Live in Jerusalem, Latet Conference for Fighting Poverty and Hunger with Innovation, the Israeli ALS Assistive technologies conference, the Behavioral Economics Summit for startups in Israel, the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem, Failcon in Tel Aviv, debated in favor of technology at Intelligence^2, and more.

Maya is a member of the Progressive-Education school system in Israel – oriented on developing the skill-set of the future, and she raises her 3 young kids in the Montessori spirit.

Esh Media

Esh Media develops conference formats and curate keynote speakers for conversations about the future of health, to promote real progress in longevity research, personalized predictive and preventative medicine, and healthspan policies.

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