Marissa Levin
I’m a 30-year entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, & transformation expert who has reinvented many times, and mom of two wonderful young men who are my greatest teachers.  I’ve launched 5 companies with 3 different types of exits.  My soul purpose is to integrate my “spiritual” path and my “strategic” gifts to help others consciously and strategically access their limitless potential, and create the roadmap that leads them to their most fulfilling and joyful life.
I passionately believe that our best life is ahead of us, regardless of what we are experiencing in the present moment. A yoga teacher told me 25 years ago that “every stretch is in preparation to stretch further” and this has been my life philosophy as I’ve stretched beyond my self-limiting beliefs in every aspect of my life. My leadership work results in measurable, permanent, transformational breakthroughs for every client.

Marissa International

Marissa International is a coaching and speaking consultancy for leaders who are ready to do the hard work of facing & dismantling self-limiting beliefs, conscious & unconscious barriers to progress, and patterns, stories & conditions that drive fear, hesitation, and stagnation when moving forward. This is the work of our lifetime, and it is the gateway to creating our healthiest lives, cultivating
our most fulfilling relationships, and building our most successful organizations.

Business Verticals: General, Coaching, Human Resources, Organization Development