Jeffrey Becker

I moved to San Diego, CA to run a small office of my company’s family janitorial business in 1997, with little more than a beat up truck, a new wife and a lot of determination to make the operation a success.  Today, we have over 1000 employees and service top-tier clients across the United States and are 100% Employee owned.


Everyone now not only has a stake in the outcome of the business, but they truly understand why their job is important and how they contribute to the company’s success. There is a culture of ownership that I have never seen before in a service company.

Pegasus Building Services and (OS1) Innovations

Businesses today demand a new level of cleanliness, and Pegasus is leading the transformation. Reshaping the industry with science-backed solutions, sustainable practices, smart technology, and unmatched expertise.

Powered by over 1,000 dedicated professionals and our proprietary (OS1)™ Cleaning Operating System, we set the standard for accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency—delivering cleaner, healthier, and safer environments.


Our new company, (OS1) Innovations is game changing custodial training that redefines systematic cleaning operations, dedicated to empowering custodial professionals at large organizations so they can train their existing teams to clean better, faster, safer, and within budget. Our mission is to revolutionize industry standards, providing custodial teams with the tools and training they need to reduce turnover, injuries, and costs – while improving cleanliness.

Business Verticals: General, Coaching, Maintenance