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Iffat Bar-Kol Grecht

Iffat Bar-Kol Grecht

Founder & CEO, Saltoz Ltd

Product director European region

Iffat is the owner of Saltoz – Make a leap – your partner in entrepreneurial leadership and authentic communication. We empower organizations, corporate teams, startups, and entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Iffat is an experienced and creative international speaker, a passionate entrepreneur, and the mastermind behind the ‘Real Conversations’ methodology. Iffat has empowered numerous organizations to bolster their collaboration skills using the ‘Real Conversations’ methodology, which helps organizations achieve tremendous results by fostering open and honest communication.
Our services are provided worldwide in various languages, both online and in person.

Saltoz Ltd

If you’re an organization aiming to foster a culture of open, honest dialogue, an entrepreneur ready to elevate your communication skills, or a business leader prepared to leap towards extraordinary results, Saltoz is your trusted partner on this transformative journey. Tired of feedback sessions that fall flat? Fed up with déjà vu conversations that lead nowhere? Break free from the cycle of surface-level exchanges and step into the world of REAL Conversations. In many cases, we tend to rely on the “mute or shoot” strategy, believing that being authentic and keeping relationships safe are mutually exclusive. However, both of these approaches can be considered as the dark mode of communication. It’s time to unlock the third mode – the REAL conversation. At Saltoz, we believe in making every interaction count. It’s time to ditch the pretense and unleash the power of authenticity. Say goodbye to muted harmony or shooting from the hip. It’s time to switch to the REAL mode and create conversations that ignite transformation.

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