Eran Heffetz

Eran Heffetz

Founder & CEO, 141 Group

Married + 3. Lives in Tel Aviv.

In 2006, after finishing his serve in the Israeli Air Force, he co-founded 141 Group with his two fellow pilots.

141 Group

141 Group started as a hospitality group that founded prominent restaurants & bars in Tel Aviv.

In 2010 the group has shifted its business focus to Real Estate entrepreneurship establishing a subsidiary called “City People”.

City People became a leading force in the urban renewal of Tel Aviv area and is constantly ranked in the top 5 urban renewal companies in Tel Aviv.

Eran managed the merger of City People with Rothstein Real Estate LTD. in a recent transaction, creating company worth dozens of millions of dollars.

141 Group has recently expanded its scope of businesses and opened an Innovation Division. The Division has already founded two start-ups:

  • A fintech start-up (“Obligo”) that recently raised $5M in seed round and is now deploying its solution in the US.
  • An LMS start-up (“Bites”) which is still self-funded.

Business Verticals: Technology, Food, Real Estate