Dan Avidar

Dan Avidar

Co-Founder & CEO, Front Story

I have been coding since the 7th grade and after my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I founded dozens of online ventures until I found my one true passion in online Content. Since then I have invested all my energies into creating a leading company in the field and the humble beginning of working in the storage room of my old apartment in Yavneh has led to creating a company with more than 75 employees globally.

As Chief Executive Officer at FrontStory, I Oversee the company’s growth from day one, and am passionate about making FrontStory a truly global company, spearheading the company’s local and international growth. The best part of the job is I have been able to shape the experience people have in front of their computers.

In my private life I live with my wife  Meirav and 2 kids Yaron and Yuli in Rish’on Le’tzion.

Front Story

FrontStory is a digital media publishing company, empowered by data-driven algorithms with more than 7 Years expertise in the business. We specialize in highly engaging, uber-shareable content reaching over 45 million Americans across our network of owned and operated digital assets

Business Verticals: Online, IT, Media