Ari Benardete

Ari Benardete

Partner & COO, Front Story

COO and Partner at FrontStory.

After completing my degree in law and economics from Tel Aviv University, a few years in various roles in the high-tech industry and working as a lawyer. I joined forces with a childhood friend who has  established an Israeli based Ad-Tech company.  After a year or so of working togther we partnered up and developed the company togther.  I am now investing all my energies in developing it as a partner and COO at FrontStory.

As Chief of Operations at FrontStory, I have been able to build a  track record in project management, design, and execution of marketing strategies embedding the company’s vision.

In my private life I live with my wife Shani and 2 kids, Joel and Elon in kfar-Saba. As a father I’m driven, not to do great things for myself, but to spur my son on to even greater ones.

Front Story

FrontStory is a digital media publishing company, empowered by data-driven algorithms with more than 7 Years expertise in the business. We specialize in highly engaging, uber-shareable content reaching over 45 million Americans across our network of owned and operated digital assets

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