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Abigail Tenembaum

Abigail Tenembaum

Co-Founder - Creator and Director, Virtuozo

Abigail work with speakers, leaders and their teams on communication, leadership and impact. The work is experiential, fun and based on the principles of theater.

She is passionate about her work and absolutely loves it. She believes (and sees it every day) that presence, impact and influence can be taught, that the basis of every communication is creating a strong connection to the audience – of 1, 20 or 1,000 people.

Her work ranges from: creating and delivering a killer-talk for a conference; teaching teams to present, sell, create client relationships, improve internal communication; working with leaders on motivating their teams; helping entrepreneurs and investors clarify their message and tell their story to raise funds; working with individuals on their impact and gravitas and more….

Clients and projects in USA, Israel, Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Argentina, Southeast Asia, Jordan and more… She enjoys traveling and working with people from diverse countries, companies and cultures.

She works in English, Spanish and Hebrew.


Virtuozo is a boutique training, curating and consulting firm. They specialize in bringing out each individual’s unique presence and enhancing their impact as communicators and leaders. 

Their unique methodology draws on the best from theatre, human behavior, coaching, leadership development, business, science, and the arts; and it’s all personalized and customized.

Their intense and highly experiential work is conducted around the world in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Business Verticals: Consulting, Events, Communications