Kevin Wexler

Kevin Wexler, a trusted figure in the security industry with nearly two decades of experience, stands as the driving force behind Summit Security’s success. During his tenure, Wexler not only pioneered the development of an advanced online reporting system utilized by various security companies but also played a pivotal role in the inception of an online parking permit management system. His visionary leadership and dedication to innovation have cemented his reputation as a trailblazer in the field.

Recognizing the persistent challenges faced by property managers in handling resident and guest parking, Wexler founded Reliant Parking in 2013. With a deep understanding of the industry’s pain points, he sought to revolutionize parking management by providing property managers with real-time access to accurate vehicle and parking permit data. Wexler’s commitment to addressing these pressing needs underscores his unwavering dedication to streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency in the realm of parking enforcement.

Reliant Parking

Reliant Parking simplifies parking management for property managers and residents alike. Our web-based permit management software offers instant access to accurate vehicle and parking permit data, free of charge. With seamless registration processes and 24/7 support, residents can easily order property-specific permits and manage guest permits, ensuring a stress-free parking experience.

Backed by user-friendly platforms and centralized data, Reliant Parking maximizes space utilization and streamlines administrative tasks. Whether it’s virtual or physical permits, we provide the tools necessary for efficient parking management, allowing property managers to focus on enhancing the overall resident experience.

Business Verticals: General, Software, SaaS