Markus Pilz
Markus Pilz is the CEO and Founder of Greenliff. Markus has graduated from University of Zurich and holds a diploma in Economics and Computer Science. In his early career, he built all kinds of software, from ERP systems to Java virtual machines for mobile phones and participated in the development of the Android operating system. Markus founded Greenliff in 2004, initially focusing on software test automation and building robots for testing hearing aids and TV set-top boxes. Later he focused more on how to build high-performing development teams and on how to leverage advances in software engineering, networking and digital technology.

Markus considers himself lucky for having been able to participate in the exciting evolution of software systems from early command line programs all the way up to modern day large language models.


Greenliff is a Digital Product Design Agency based in Switzerland. We work at the intersection of strategy, design and software to create websites, mobile apps, and IoT solutions for our customers. Our client base covers start-ups as well as mid-sized to large companies from the finance, telecommunications and medical industries.

Our services include strategic consulting, experience design, software development and testing. With a strong focus on Human Centered Design, we work in interdisciplinary teams to harness creativity and cutting-edge technology. We are committed to code, agile methods and modern tools. Collaboration with our clients is based on mutual trust and honest communication. Their in-depth business know-how paired with our vast experience in digital environments lays the foundation to cocreate highly successful digital products.

Business Verticals: General, IT, Software, SaaS