Jeffrey  Wolf

Jeffrey Wolf

CEO, Flow Ventures

Jeffrey Wolf, a native of Miami, Florida,  has been in the AV and Distribution business since 1999 when he joined the family business.  He grew their small family business into one of the leading providers of AV products and services to the Pro AV industry.

As a strategic vision to always deliver differentiating value to their customer and the industry, Jeffrey along with his brother David launched the industry’s first national Labor subcontracting business to solve many pains the industry experienced engaging with subcontractors. Today, Herman Integration Services, is the industry’s largest and only national sub-contractor to the AV Industry.

Jeffrey thrives on building lifelong relationships and strategic partnerships that are based on providing value and benefits with win-win results.  Jeffrey was the Co-CEO of Herman ProAV until his company was acquired by ADI Global in February 2020. Today Jeffrey and team run the Pro AV business under the ADI umbrella.

Jeffrey attended Tulane University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. From there he pursued his master’s in accounting from the University of Miami and became a CPA, working for Deloitte.   Jeffrey continued his education at the University of Miami School of Law, graduating with a JD degree and passed the bar exam.

Jeffrey is married to Stefanie and together they have three beautiful adult children.